The VIC MATIÉ Spring/Summer 2016 collection explores the concept of tribe as the affirmation of one’s own identity and belonging to a group, a territory, a culture. It is an investigation into tribal signs and meanings and new significance. A work on origins and definitions of the narrative codes of brand identity. References to ethnic groups as expressions of diversity, elements necessary for a point of view in the constantly changing reality and aesthetic of today. Key words are instinct, origin, identity, belonging. Ancestral white and black, leather, earth and metals, key colours.

Silvia Curzi, creative director of VIC MATIÉ, continues the work on brand identity begun last season and transforms shapes and structures into icons through repetition and variation. The conceptual approach contrasts with the sensuality and the subject and generates a collection that is determined and strong, that encompasses age and genre where feminine is synonymous with active, urban, sensual, instinctive.

The collection is divided in three thematic areas that represent the heritage of VIC MATIÉ.

RUBBER – Rubber is the material with which VIC MATIÉ started in 1987, the monoblock soles are a best seller.
The flared heels, wedges, platform flats and macro lug soles of pumps, slip-ons and sandals inspired by utility boots are in black, white, either matching or contrasting the upper. Total white and all black for the new open toes in woven mat-effect leather. Natural leather, silver and gold for the laced flats with monoblock soles. Emphasised elastic, tribal weaves and coloured neoprene with Velcro closure for sandals with a sporty attitude. Monoblock sole in coloured rubber as decoration for the new cork platforms in high and flat versions.

ARTISAN CRAFT – Represents the artisan know-how of the VIC MATIÉ shoemaking heritage. Geometric forms and variations on the theme of the western boot in version mule, sandals, ankle boots, laced styles and moccasins. Wrapped and completely open heels with gold tone decoration. Pink gold for sandals and ankle boots. Uppers in worked leather with relief-effect, geometric laser work and net-effect perforations are in natural leather, tobacco, white, silver, lead, gold and copper. Macro geometric studs and metallic plates decorate sandals and toes of the new ballerina flats.

BLACK CARPET – Is the distinctive sign of the VIC MATIÉ language and represents a way to stand out in a crowd.
Metal is the material that emerges in the pure steel bar heels and the new cigarette heel, in the finish of the many thin rings that decorate the flat sandals with asymmetric sole and in the stiletto heel evening version of the utility boot. Platforms and ankle straps of the geometric form sandals are in wood. Powder pastel and metallic shaded suede dress the return of the mule and pump.