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The mission of Linea Marche consists in creating products with a strongly-defined identity, authentically Italian in both spirit and savoir faire, yet international in their appeal, by mixing artisanal passion, attention to detail, industrial invention and disregard for conventions. The firm, based in the Marche region of Italy, conceives design as an expression of a contemporary attitude rooted in values such as culture, history and genius loci: tradition and innovation are seamlessly united, avoiding both complacency and nostalgia for the past.
The Linea Marche shoe factory was created in 1972 in Piticchio di Arcevia, within the Ancona province. Here, alongside green hills and soft valleys, is where the heart of the enterprise still beats. At the beginning the production only consisted in safety and work shoes, then, gradually, at the beginning of the 80s, civilian footwear was introduced. At first Linea Marche worked as a subsidiary factory, then finally it spawned its own-designed labels.[broke]In 1987 Linea Marche launched the Aketohn and Vic Matié collections, to immediate success. In 1991 O.X.S. catch the grunge whiffs in the air, pre-empting a widespread trend with the Frank bootie, which immediately became an instant classic. Fame grew quickly. The following year Renato Curzi, the instigator of all the changes that, so far, had put Linea Marche at the center of the shoe market, gained total control of the enterprise, becoming its president and CEO. Curzi’s idea was simple as it was effective: mixing the quality and peculiarity of Made in Italy with the effectiveness of the industrial process, avoiding de-localization to cultivate the values and the knowledge of the territory, and of its inhabitants. From then on, it’s been a constant evolution and a speedy growth. Well aware of the market’s constant moves, of the way shifting lifestyles affect the way customers buy, Curzi reconsiders the formula at every step, mercilessly. He is convinced that each point of arrival is just the point of departure for new adventures. Today, he has positioned Linea Marche at the hi-end of the market with Vic Matié, the admiral line for which in February 2011 a boutique has been opened in Milan’s fashion district; he has transformed Aketohn in an epitome of contemporary handicraft and created with O.X.S. Rubber Soul an experimental lab devoted to the creative possibilities of rubber; by keeping O.X.S. faithful to its work-shoe background, he has made it an expression of ever-evolving pragmatism; to address the new need for awareness, he finally launched Vic, accessible price-wise, yet sophisticated in spirit. The path leads to the present day. At the side of Renato Curzi, now, is his daughter Silvia: again, changes and progress happen naturally, without sudden breaks.
Vic Matié, begun in 1987, is a brand of Linea Marche spa, company specialized in footwear that since 1972 produces the brands O.X.S. and O.X.S. Rubber Soul with headquarters in the Marche, one of two regions of Italy where there is a concentrated international production of luxury footwear.[broke]The characteristics of the Vic Matié brand, the focus on creativity, research and experimentation in the search for new design and material solutions, are supported by the Made-in-Italy know-how inherited by the Linea Marche that guarantee a standard of high quality. The mission of the brand is not only to create beautiful products that define one’s style and identity in line with fashion trends, but to design objects that can withstand the test of time.
Silvia Curzi developed her passion for footwear and fashion growing up in the family business alongside her father, Renato Curzi, president of Linea Marche. With strong ties to her origins despite a rebellious character, she decided to become part of the company and separately develop her love for fashion and materials and to deepen her knowledge of footwear manufacturing processes.[broke]The role of creative director of Vic Matié comes as a natural consequence. Strong and determined, light and flexible, male and female, the prototypical woman whose needs and tasted are interpreted. Silvia Curzi belongs to a new generation of creative women who are changing the women’s fashion market with their project approach.